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Make The Most Out Of Your Space

When you first move into a new home it feels like you have lots of space to live in but a few years down the line it can start to feel much smaller and cramped, especially if kids have arrived too!
Here are four ways you can make the most out of your space without breaking the bank balance. All you need is a little imagination.


The easiest way to create a bigger living space is to reduce clutter. Most of us accumulate stuff without even realising. It can be difficult to part with things that are sentimental or useful. Who hasn’t said, “I might need that one day!” The chances are if you haven’t needed it for over a year you probably never will. If you really can’t bear the thought of taking some of your prized possessions to the charity shop or selling them on eBay, make sure they are not all on show.


Do the walls feel like they are caving in on you? Maybe decorating them with that wild plum paint wasn’t such a good idea! Dark colours absorb light and often give the illusion of less space while light colours reflect light making an area seem bigger. You don’t have to whitewash the whole house but keep the colours light. If you really like bold colours then have a statement wall using patterned wallpaper or your favourite shade. Add matching accessories to give the room a splash of colour.

Move the sofa

Most people arrange their furniture in one place and never think to change it around. Sometimes moving the furniture can open up a room and give the feeling of more space. Don’t just stick to one room, move items around the house – you might find out that the armchair looks perfect in the dining room!

Add lighting

An overhead lighting fixture pools the light in one spot making the room appear smaller. Add extra lighting with floor or table lamps to draw the eyes around the room giving the illusion of more space.

Try these simple steps to revamp your home and reclaim your space!


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