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7 Ways to Make A Room Bigger Using Illusions

Spacious room with plenty of light

When you first move into a new home, it feels like you have lots of space. However, a few years down the line, it can start to feel much smaller and cramped, especially if kids have arrived too! If you don’t the funds to add an extension to your home, there are other ways to make a room bigger and create the illusion of a larger space. 

There are seven ways you can make make a room bigger without breaking the bank balance. All you need is a little imagination and optical illusions within the interior design

Seven steps to make a room bigger

1. De-clutter

How to make a room look bigger with flooring? The easiest way to create a larger living space is to reduce clutter through a spring clean. Most of us accumulate stuff without even realising. It can be challenging to part with things that are sentimental or useful.

Who hasn’t said, “I might need that one day!” The chances are if you haven’t needed it for over a year, you probably never will. If you really can’t bear the thought of taking some of your prized possessions to the charity shop or selling them on eBay, make sure they are not all on show.

2. Redecorate

Photo Credit: New Africa / Shutterstock

Do the walls feel like they are caving in on you? Maybe decorating them with that wild plum paint wasn’t such a good idea! Dark colours absorb light and often give the illusion of less space while light colours reflect light making an area seem bigger.

Are you wondering how to make a small room look bigger with paint? Well, you don’t have to whitewash the whole house but keep the colours light. If you really like bold colours, then have a statement wall using patterned wallpaper or your favourite shade. That is a great way to 

Redecorating can help create a happier home. Add matching accessories to give the room a splash of colour. Finally, changing up the kitchen features is an excellent way to make the most of your space. For example, you can add a kitchen island for extra storage space.

3. Move the sofa

Most people arrange their furniture in one place and never think to change it around. Sometimes moving the furniture can open up a room and give the feeling of more space. Don’t just stick to one room, move items around the house – you might find out that the armchair looks perfect in the dining room!

4. Add lighting

An overhead lighting fixture pools the light in one spot making the room appear smaller. Add extra lighting with floor or table lamps to draw the eyes around the room, giving the illusion of more space. Finally, add natural lighting. For instance, with floor-to-ceiling windows or french doors leading onto the garden or balcony.

5. Change the curtains

 Photo Credit: Antoha713 / Shutterstock

Once your natural light has been perfected, you may wonder how to make a room look bigger with curtains. There are three primary steps to ensure an area appears larger.

First, select a size which showcases the width and height of your room. That is how to make a room seem taller. Second, choose a lightweight material such as sheer. Third, identify what colour curtains make a room look bigger. For instance, lighter shades and muted colours.

6. Use mirrors to bounce light

Next, learn how to make a small room look bigger with mirrors. It is a sneaky but strategic technique that can be applied indoors and outside too. For instance, use mirrors in your hallway to brighten and enhance the corridor. Alternatively, opt for floor-to-ceiling mirrors in your bedroom. By doing so, you will certainly make the room appear larger.

7. Optimise your garden or balcony

Don’t forget the outdoor areas. Sprucing up your garden will certainly make your property feel more spacious. You can add space through cleaning out unwanted garden-items, old furniture, and tending to those weeds. Consider replacing oversized furniture with multi-purpose items. For instance, opt for an extendable garden table. Additionally, these improvements may add value to your garden.

Try these simple steps to revamp your home and reclaim your space.

Photo credit: PlusONE / Shutterstock

If you are finding this isn’t working, you may be thinking “I want to sell my property quickly” and move into a larger abode. We buy houses for cash, to ensure you have enough funds to snap up your dream property before it goes off of the market. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Feature image credit: / Shutterstock 

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