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Kitchen features which add the most value to a property

For many people, the kitchen has become the central hub of their property. It’s a space which they not only use for cooking but also eating, working, socialising, watching TV and doing homework. In fact, research by Lloyds Bank shows that Brits nowadays spend an average of 1 hour and 36 minutes in the kitchen each day.

With individuals increasingly spending more time in the kitchen and using it as a multi-function room, property owners have an appetite for a well-maintained and designed kitchen. So much so, that the National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA), believe that if homeowners finances can only stretch to renovating one room – then it should be the kitchen.

Carrying out a kitchen renovation/improvement can add 5.5% to the value of a property according to findings by insurance provider Hiscox. With this in mind, consulted a range of experts for their professional opinion on how homeowners can make the most out of any kitchen renovations to maximise on the value of their property.

Here are the most popular kitchen features which add the most value to a property:

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Estate Agents

Daniel an Estate Agent from London commented:

“In the past, cooking and eating were the main two functions which homeowners used the kitchen for. Now, for many, the kitchen has become a space where they do so much more from working to socialising. As a direct result, the kitchen is featuring much higher than before in the consideration of property seekers. Seekers who really want to envision themselves utilising the kitchen space without compromising on design or quality”. 

Jenny an Estate Agent from Manchester commented:

“Over the years I have seen a ton of properties where homeowners have not maintained various aspects of their kitchen. This has negatively impacted the value of their property when trying to sell or rent. Broken appliances, poor lighting, inadequate fixtures, cracked tiles and out-dated storage units are just some of the reoccurring problems I have witnessed. Considering the kitchen is going to be used on multiple occasions throughout the day, prospective buyers/renters want to assess its durability. Consequently, my advice to homeowners/landlords is to identify all the improvements that need to be made and then, make them without compromising on the finishing as well as the cohesive appearance of the kitchen”. 

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Photo credit: CapturePB/Shutterstock 


Barry a Freelance Designer from Liverpool commented:

“If you’re making changes to your kitchen for the sole purpose of adding value to the property, then my recommendation would be to make subtle and simple changes. Not only will it be cost-effective, but a simple style will speak to most homeowner’s when choosing a new property. If the storage units are old and worn-out, replace them with spacious and slick storage units. With regards to the walls, either go for a soft colour or a vibrant set of tiles to give the room a mellow and welcoming feel. If worktops are extensively damaged, then go for a work surface which is made from a durable material such as quartz, granite or corian”.

Photo credit: pics721/Shutterstock 

Property Professionals

Craig a Property Consultant from Plymouth commented:

“With a kitchen renovation, think about what buyers/renters want from a kitchen. They prioritise on safety, so make sure all integrated appliances are from reputable brands and fitted by professionals. Get lighting which creates an atmospheric ambiance. The more storage the better, so make full use of the layout to accommodate as many sufficiently-sized storage units as possible. Also keep in mind distinct features such as a splashback, which will protect walls from oil and grease when preparing/cooking food”.

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