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You want to sell your home and we want to buy it - it really is that simple. Our qualified advisors work across the UK to ensure a direct sale on your property in the quickest time possible, no estate agents necessary.

Why Sell House Fast makes perfect sense for you:

  • Relocation

    Going abroad? Retiring to the seaside? Accepted a new job? Wherever you're relocating, we can help you sell your home without the hassle; our direct we buy any house service means you can side step entering a dreaded property chain.
  • Facing Financial Difficulty

    If you need to release valuable equity, selling swiftly is a priority - Sell House Fast will turn your problems into quick-sale solutions.
  • Facing Repossession

    We can offer you a quick house sale immediately, releasing equity and enabling you to stop the mortgage lender in their tracks.
  • Divorce

    Often a quick, hassle free sale at the best price possible is desired by both parties; we can buy your house immediately, giving you one less thing to worry about during a typically difficult time.
  • Inheritance

    Have you recently inherited a property? Wherever in the country it may be, you may be considering to sell the property quickly and to avoid any strenuous legal fees associated with an inherited property. For a quick sale and for a guaranteed offer for the value of the house, selling your house to us may be your best offer.
  • Lifestyle changes

    It could be that your age or health has now had a profound effect on the way you live. Is your house too big to manage or maybe you your house is not catered for any specific health circumstances you may have encountered? Sell House Fast can provide you with a quick sale to help you find somewhere more fitting to your lifestyle needs.
  • Environment

    For many parts of Britain, areas with a high risk for flooding may be a reason to pack up and move. If you are wishing to move, Sell House Fast will not reject a property that has suffered water damage. Rather, we accept any house and its condition to help prepare you with finances for a new move elsewhere.
  • Property Lease

    If you are living in a property with a short lease that is due to expire and cannot renew it, selling your property may be the best way to earn back your money quickly without facing potential pitfalls encountered with an estate agent.

Whatever your motive, Sell House Fast has the market knowledge and skills to sell your property - and fast. Moreover, we will do so at no cost to you whatsoever.

So if you are determined to avoid the snakes and ladders game of homes scenario typically involved in selling your house, contact us today.

The Game of Homes - Property snakes and ladders game

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Why Choose Us?

  • You will get an immediate preliminary offer - all it takes is one phone call!
  • We offer a range of options, based on your specific circumstances with expertise on how to sell your house and find home buyers hassle free.
  • As members of the Property Ombudsmen we abide by its Code Of Practice for Residential Property Buying.
  • We are registered under the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) and abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • We are reachable by telephone 24/7 to answer any questions or queries you might have.

The benefits

  • 300+ houses bought every year
  • FREE professional valuation
  • Hassle free sale
  • Immediate decisions

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    Fill-in our online form or call us to receive a FREE cash estimate within 24 hours!
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    If you're happy, we'll do the rest including instructing and paying your legal fees!
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    We will agree a completion date. This can be from as little as 7-28 days!
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Sell House Fast vs Estate Agents

Selling to us
(7 days+)
Selling via Estate Agent
(6 months)
Average Asking Price £250,000 £250,000
Average agreed purchase price £210,000 £240,000
Final agreed price after survey £210,000 £235,000
Estate Agent fees £0.00 £4,500 + VAT
Cosmetic repairs needed £0.00 £1,500
Solicitor fees £0.00 £2,000
Council tax and other bills (while sales is going through) £200 £1,500
Mortgage payments (while sale is going through) £0.00 £7,800
Days Off Work (Average 7) £0.00 £520
Net price achieved £209,800 £219,200


Why should I choose Sell House Fast over an estate agent?
When committing yourself to an estate agency, you are automatically joining a wider property chain that can produce a lot of stress and anxiety when waiting around for the process to progress. Selling your house will typically involve endless viewings, decorating and amending your property for new homeowners. When needing to bypass this process, Sell House Fast can eliminate this hassle and provide a faster sale, buying directly from the homeowner, providing cash in hand extremely quickly.
How do you work out the value of my property?
We have a team dedicated to ensuring that your house is accurately valued. We use a number of highly experience valuers to evaluate your property and its assets to provide you with a quicker valuation than most estate agents. We will check the structural quality of the property with a professional surveyor who will eliminate any potential problems. Our unique approach allows us to offer the highest possible price for your home, beating most cash buyers.
What is the next stage after I agree to sell?
We will instruct solicitors who will take care of the majority of the legal transfer of the property. In order to successfully transfer the property to us, we will carry out the majority of the work and all you will need to do is answer basic questions about the property and be prepared to sign contracts quicker than you think. Once contracts are exchanged, the sale is guaranteed.
Are there any charges or fees to pay?
There are no costs incurred whatsoever! We cover all legal fees and property valuation costs, so you can feel comfortable that the money you earn back from the sale of your house is accurate and exactly what we offer.
Do you only buy houses?
The beauty of choosing to go with Sell House Fast is that you do not need to worry what condition your house is in. We buy houses nationwide, including anything from a large detached house, studio flat and anything that may require substantial home improvements. We will provide you with an offer based on the property you own and not the condition it's in. In doing so, we shorten the process you would normally experience through an estate agent where the condition of a property matters.
Can you help me if I am in arrears with mortgage payments or going through a divorce?
Yes. Our aim is to help improve your finances as quickly as possible and to eliminate any stress you may be experiencing whether it be mortgage repayments or going through a tricky divorce. We help stop and reverse any potentially repossession proceedings and negotiate directly with a lender on your behalf to buy you more time. The same applies with divorce proceedings as we will help buy your property quickly, helping you take your share with as little hassle as possible.
How quickly can I expect to receive the cash for my house?
A sale with Sell House Fast tends to complete in just four weeks and you should receive your cash within this period. As soon as you contact us, the entire process is hastened to engage a sale as quickly as possible.
What documents do I need to provide you with?
With an estate agency sale, there can be a lot of paperwork to deal with, toing and froing between solicitors and the vendor. However when selling your house online, we deal with the paperwork in house, instructing your solicitor and our own to conduct the legal transfer. You do not need to provide us with anything but answering any queries we may have about your property.
Do I need a solicitor?
At Sell House Fast, we have excellent solicitors who help you ease the process when we purchase your house. If you wish to have a solicitor to act on your behalf, then by all means please do. We will also cover the costs of your solicitor, so yet another reason a cash sale may put you in a better position than with an estate agent.
If my circumstances change, can I pull out of a sale?
Always remember that by choosing to sell your house with us, you have not committed to any legally binding contract and therefore free from any fees or risks. If your circumstances change, then do not panic as we do not charge and if you have any charges incurred through your own solicitor, we will cover that too.
Can I be sure that my case will be kept confidential?
What you see is what your get. By contacting us directly, we automatically guarantee the entire process to be confidential. If no one needs to know, we do not tell. We simply purchase your property, only divulging information of a sale to your solicitor and own. A surveyor will also be informed to conduct the valuation process.
What is the best way to get in touch with you?
If you are seriously considering selling your property with Sell House Fast, we have a free estimate form through our website that will send an email directly to us. We will endeavour to reply within the hour and provide our clients with as much information as possible for a guaranteed fast sale cash offer. We can also be contacted by phone and email.
Andrew Terry


  • 'I had a month left to sell my house, due to having to emigrate for work reasons. I had previously tried to sell it through my local estate agents but I couldn't afford to leave it on the open market unsold for weeks on end, so I decided to look into quick house sale websites. They all offered around the same price for my property but I decided to go with Sell House Fast due to their informative website and helpful, approachable team. They always answered my calls promptly and fully explained the house selling process. My house was sold within three weeks and I was able to move to Australia as planned. I'd like to thank all of the team and would thoroughly recommend them for a quick house sale with minimal hiccups.'
  • 'I wasn't in a great place at the time of selling my property, due to being midway through a stressful divorce. I really wanted to get my house sold as quickly as possible so that I could take my share of the money and begin to move on. I found Sell House Fast through an internet search and spoke to team member Paul on the phone. He was extremely understanding of my situation and endeavoured to get my house sold as quickly as possible, with the least input needed from me possible; I had enough on my plate and having the SHF team deal with my property was a huge weight off my mind. The sale was completed within a month and I would definitely recommend SHF if you want quick equity released and don't want the hassle of dealing with estate agents.'
  • 'SellHouseFast was very welcoming and understanding when I was faced with repossession. They showed me an easy alternative to court proceedings. I was provided with a property valuation within days which resulted in a sale after just 2 weeks and I didn't even have to pay any fees. I would highly recommend SellHouseFast to anyone who experienced what I went through. Their service was unmatched, they were understanding, always available and most of all communicated with me every step of the way.'
    Mrs Anderson, Reading
  • 'Me and my wife had struggled to sell our house through a local estate agents after 6 weeks and were fed up with the whole process, we felt like we were overpaying for a listing that was giving us nothing back. So we looked into other ways of selling your house and SellHouseFast came up as a solution. We were sceptical to begin with because we'd seen many other quick sale services for cars and didn't think we could sell our house this way for a good price. But after receiving a surprisingly good offer from SellHouseFast we went from valuation to sale in just 8 days. Excellent service and very friendly, highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick house sale.'
    Mr Johnson, South Yorkshire

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Following a stressful divorce I wanted to sell my house quickly, Sell House Fast were very knowledgeable and made the process as smooth as possible with no disruption to myself and my children

Mrs Whitely, Middlesex

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