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Rude Street Names Can INCREASE Your Property Value by £44K!

When house-hunting, many Brits don’t pay much attention to the road name, but research by SellHouseFast can reveal that the first line of your address can affect how much your house is worth. In fact, some street names increase your property’s value by up to £800,000, so it’s well worth considering a street name when looking at purchasing your next property!

Upon examining hundreds of road names in the UK, SellHouseFast discovered that having a ‘rude’ street name can increase a property’s value by an average of £44,460.20! Who knew?

Which Rude Street Names Add the Most Value?

We can reveal that the naughtiest road name that adds the most value is one of America’s favourite swear words: ‘jackass’. ‘Jackass Lane’ has an average selling value of £870,000 and is the most popular in both London and South East England.

‘Hoe’ came in second place with an average value increase of £205,000, and also the most popular in the South East of England making this region home to some of the naughtiest street names in the UK!

In third place is ‘cock’, enhancing your property value to £126,000 on average in the 33 streets it features in – 15 of which are found in the East of England.

Other names that increased property values: 

  • Thong: £111,429
  • Bottom: £101,158.31
  • Dick: £56,215
  • Slag: £39,169
  • Butt: £30,076.53
  • Spank: £8,642
  • Bell End: £7,963

The Regions of the UK with the Rudest Street Names

The region with the rudest street names was the South East of England, with 84 rude streets! The top five rudest street names are as follows: Butt (19), Beaver (18), Bush (11), Hoe (11), and Bottom (8).

In second place was the East of England with 68 rude streets across the region, with Butt (21), Bush (14), Cock (14), Hoe (7), and Bottom (5) coming in as the top five ‘naughty’ road names.

These were the regions that followed next with the largest breakdown of rude street names:

  • Yorkshire and the Humber: 57 – The most popular street names include: Butt (28), Beaver (6), Bottom (5), Dick (4), and Fanny (3)
  • East Midlands: 53 – The most popular street names include: But (25), Bottom (13), Hoe (3), Bush (3), and Beaver (3)
  • South West: 46 – The most popular street names include: Butt (30), Bush (5), Cock (4), Hoe (3), and Beaver (2)
  • West Midlands: 42 – The most popular street names include: Butt (16), Bush (11), Beaver (4), Bottom (3), and Cock (2)
  • North West: 39 – The most popular street names include: Beaver (10), Butt (7), Bottom (6), Bush (4), and Pratt (3)
  • London: 25 – The most popular street names include: Bush (8), Beaver (6), Hoe (5), Pratt (3), and Cock (1)
  • Scotland: 20 – The most popular street names include: Dick (10), Bush (4), Cumming (4), Butts (1), and Pratt (1)
  • North East: 13 – The most popular street names include: Beaver (3), Busty (3), Butt (3), Bush (1), and Cock (1)

The Rudest Street Names:

SellHouseFast found that the most popular ‘rude’ street name across the UK, coming in first place, is ‘Butt’. The word makes an appearance in a staggering 151 different roads around Britain – and 31 of those can be found in South West England!

Coming in second is the road name ‘Bush’, which is mentioned on 79 street names across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, with 14 appearances alone in the East of England.

‘Bush’ is closely followed by ‘Beaver’ which is found in 57 roads around the UK, and is found an impressive 18 times in the South East.

Thereafter, our analysis found the following rude street names are:

  • Bottom: 41 streets
  • Cock: 33 streets
  • Hoe: 29 streets
  • Dick: 19 streets
  • Pratt: 16 streets
  • Cumming: 12 streets
  • Busty: 4 streets

Photo credit: Andrew Linscott / Shutterstock

What are the most common rude street names in the UK?

Common ‘rude’ road names in Britain:

  1. Butt (150)
  2. Bush (59)
  3. Beaver (54)
  4. Bottom (40)
  5. Cock (33)
  6. Hoe (29)
  7. Pratt (15)
  8. Cumming (8)
  9. Thong (4)
  10. Busty (4)

Common rude road names in Scotland:

  1. Cock (10)
  2. Cumming (4)
  3. Bush (3)
  4. Butt (1)
  5. Pratt (1)

Common rude road names in Wales:

  1. Bush (9)
  2. Bottom (1)
  3. Fanny (1)

Common rude road names in Northern Ireland:

  1. Bush (7)
  2. Beaver (3)


  • To find the names of rude streets, SellHouseFast used an online thesaurus to gather as many “rude” words. After amassing a list of 150 words, the team then entered the names onto to discover whether there were streets with the related rude names, and where they were located.
  • The streets found only contained a rude word in its name, there were no unrelated words included. For example, the street name ‘Cock Farm Lane‘ was not selected, whereas ‘Cock Lane’ was.
  • Using Zoopla, SellHouseFast were able to find  the average house price on the rude street, as well as the average house price within that postcode. They then used the average value of homes  to find out if there was an increase or decrease in value.

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