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Game of Homes: Guide to Joining the Property Ladder

Any homeowners will know that buying a house is one of the most difficult, exciting and financially tiring processes anyone will endure in their lifetime. Purchasing a home of your own, whether it’s your first or tenth, is never an easy task.

Over the years, the world has become obsessed with the oh-so popular television series Game of Thrones. Whether or not “winter is coming” – as Jon Snow would say – buying a house represents a similar game when approaching the property market! Therefore, it is fitting to call the process Game of Homes.

In games such as ‘Snakes and Ladders’ or ‘Monopoly’, there are always scenarios that cannot always be prevented. The same goes for looking for a property too, where you may be ‘gazumped’ by another buyer, or whether you find out your mortgage broker cannot lend you the money you need to complete.

To avoid these scenarios, it is important that you understand each individual step in the property game. Here at, we have created our very own property snakes and ladders game: Game of Homes. Use this game as a guide to your success and make your house a home in no time. From start to finish, you have all the information needed to prepare you before embarking on your big adventure.

Game of Homes infographic clickable

Note: Be cautious of those snakes who have the power to bring you back down! Research, money, time and patience are essential to possess when purchasing a house through an estate agent.

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