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YO! Sushi founder has developed new homes!

This may sound like a scene out of a science fiction film and when you imagine what your first property may look like, you may be picturing a beautiful solid oak kitchen, a power shower and a bedroom large enough to accommodate all your belongings. But can you imagine yourself living in a house where a dining room table appears from a compartment in the floor, a king size bed that lowers from the ceiling above you and walls that slide away to provide extra room?

YO! Sushi founder has developed new homes! This is the exact vision initiated by Simon Woodroffe who has developed YO! Home, a pioneering and intuitive living space that is set to revolutionise the contemporary home in Britain. It has been dubbed the ultimate space-saving apartment and is designed to squeeze as much as possible into a one bedroom studio flat, which will include a lounge, kitchen, bed, dining area and of course a bathroom.

Quirky and futuristic are only a few adjectives to describe this innovative living space and marketed for urban dwellers, these new apartments will have everything new buyers could want, in particular young first time buyers. Due to a lack of space in city centers, these new homes will have hidden hatches in the floor to conceal furniture and hidden shortage spaces to ensure everything is in its place.

With the property market and its house prices soaring high, it has become almost an impossibility for any young first time buyer to crawl onto the property ladder. With space at a premium wherever you go and therefore funds very tight since the recession, Simon Woodroffe emphasises the need to have flats that are ‘good value for your money’ and to attract buyers of all ages and backgrounds to finally climb onto the property ladder that become a long lost dream.

Manchester has been selected as the city to receive the first wave of these YO! Homes with planning permission set to take place next month. With Manchester the first in the country, these new flats will hopefully move to other cities all over the UK and eventually stretch to Manhattan, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Shanghai.

So what can you expect these new ‘futuristic flats’ to look like?

It is perceived to be the perfect spacious studio flat but with so many hidden elements, it is easy to misunderstand the complexity of its design. One wall appears to be full-length storage cabinets with a television slot neatly positioned in this in-built unit. These units also open up to reveal a kitchen unit, complete with an oven, sink and cupboards. The U-shaped sofa is situated in the middle of the room, with the bed lowering from the ceiling which slots directly on-top of the sofa. If you find yourself entertaining, a dining room table, large enough for four people can be released from a hidden hatch in the floor. For any self-confessed hoarders who rely on endless cupboards for storage, do not fret as the entire flat has been designed to incorporate under floor storage.

Credit: YO! Homes

Credit: YO! Homes

Credit: YO! Homes

Credit: YO! Homes

When will YO! Homes be available to buy and for how much?

YO! Homes is to land a deal with a developer based in Manchester who will give the go-ahead to begin work. The flats are due to go on the property market in the summer of 2016 with prices around £150,000.

In a statement made by Woodroffe, he commented that ‘Homes help shape our lives. They are our refuge, and our rock. Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it.

Jack Spurrier, the Managing Director of YO! Homes said:

‘Our vision is tower blocks of single space YO! Homes in city center’s around the world, from Manhattan and Buenos Aires, to Tokyo and Shanghai, changing the way people live in small spaces whilst addressing the growing population issues. But any journey or adventure starts with a first step. And our first step is in Manchester.’

Credit: YO! Homes

Credit: YO! Homes


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