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Your road name can add value to your home

What’s in a name? Well, it turns out that if it is a name of a street or village it can mean quite a lot. Unusual and funny place names are not uncommon in the UK but some are so embarrassing that many buyers are put off of viewing properties. You must have driven past a street with an amusing name and wondered about those that live there. Fancy having to tell companies to deliver to Backside Lane or Crotch Crescent!

Not only does a rude name mean less property viewings, it can also affect property prices. A study conducted by found that properties on streets with rude or embarrassing names are worth on average £84,000 less. 60% of people said they wouldn’t consider living on a street with a suggestive name.

This is good news however for buyers wanting to get onto the property ladder who are unconcerned with quirky names. A bargain could be had if you don’t mind living in Scratchy Bottom!

Sometimes unfortunate street names can be changed. In 2009 the residents of Butt Hole Road, South Yorkshire decided they had had enough of the ridicule and had the name changed to Archers Way. Not everyone feels the same though; the residents of Butthole Lane, Leicestershire are adamant that the name will remain.

While having an unusual address can be an interesting talking point, it is important to remember that it might be difficult when you come to sell your property. But, if you’re in it for the long term you could get a bargain.

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