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The Biggest Property Viewing Turn-Offs for Brits

Sell House Fast has investigated the impact interior and exterior furnishings can have on prospective property owners and or renters.

Considering how vital the viewing stage is when seeking out a new property, Sell House Fast sought to understand the extent to which certain aspects make a property less appealing by surveying 1,266 Brits who had been to several property viewings over the course of August 2018 to July 2019.

The research exposed that extensive cracks/marks/stains on walls/ceilings and floors was the biggest deterrent for those finding a new property. Closely followed, 71% are dissatisfied when they find fixtures in the bathroom that don’t work property. This can include the bathroom sink or toilet.

The Results

Although somewhat surprising is how far down ‘extensive mould in the bathroom’ ranks. Just 49% would consider this a turn off, compared to 66% stipulating exposed wires leaves a longer lasting negative impression of a property.

On the other end, found that broken/missing handles on doors/cabinets and or cupboards only deters 15% of Brits – perhaps realising it is an easy fix. Ranking just above, and second to last is the state of the carpets inside the property. Should the carpets be damaged, worn out or stained, 18% of British home seekers will be put off taking the next step.  

Sellhousefast spoke to estate agent representatives to find out the quick and cost-effective ‘fixes’ that can elevate a property

It was discovered that 73% of estate agents suggested that thoroughly cleaning all household appliances will improve the potential success of a viewing.

Mayur Shah an Estate Agent from London said:

“Those viewing properties can be extremely judgemental. If they see multiple household appliances in a less than satisfactory state, they will then conclude that the current occupiers have not looked after or adequately maintained other parts of the property. So, my advice is to pay equal attention to cleaning the small as well as big features – as they together form an overall picture of the property”.

68% also strongly recommend sprucing up the garden, no matter the time of year, as this can negatively impact a home seeker’s impression.

Mayur Shah comments further:

“Property seekers now more than ever before place a real emphasis on gardens. In some respects, putting the same light on a garden as they would with other rooms inside the property. With respects to the garden, my recommendation is to always remove dead plants, cut unappealing shrubs, mow overgrown grass, add colourful plants, get rid of litter and replace any damaged fences before conducting any viewings”. 

Feature image credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

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