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Prevent Your Home From Losing Value

Buying a property is a serious investment and it is important to protect that investment by keeping it maintained to a high standard. Basic maintenance can prevent your home from losing value and may even help to increase it. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for years or if you are looking to sell, here are some handy tips on maintenance.

Kerb appeal

If the exterior of your property makes a great first impression, everyone will want to see what’s inside. However, if the front of your house has an overgrown hedge, peeling paint or an abandoned sofa, visitors and potential buyers will be put off.  Admit it, who has done a drive-by of a property only to discount it because of its scruffy appearance? An unkempt exterior can be easily remedied – tidy the garden; remove rubbish and make your home look loved.

Clean regularly

A clean home will be more attractive to potential buyers as it shows you care about your property and it is well looked after. Remember visitors and buyers may like shabby chic but shabby just won’t do! You don’t have to spend all your time cleaning though, tackle one room at a time to keep on top of things.


A lick of paint can transform a home making tired, grubby walls clean and fresh again. Generally interior walls should be re-painted every five years but that could depend on whether or not you have kids or pets!

Summer jobs

Check the roof and gutters for signs of damage but do these jobs in summer – don’t leave it until the cold, wet weather arrives. Rendered walls need to be painted every ten years or so but it is a good idea to annually check for cracks and holes to prevent water damage.

If you are selling your home, don’t be tempted to leave repairs to the new owners – unless of course you don’t mind dropping your asking price! A survey will reveal any problems and when getting estimates for the work, buyers will choose the most expensive one to reduce cost of the property.

Don’t wait until you have a problem, prevent the extra expense and inconvenience of emergency repairs by following the advice above, as a neglected home will cost you more in the end.

Feature image credit: Ewelina Wachala/Shutterstock 

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