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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: Six Ways To Save Energy

January always seems much colder and blue, with the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s festivities masking the reality of Winter. Without the lights and carols disguising the bitter weather, nothing feels nicer than coming back to a warm, well-lit warm home. However, a well-lit home could also translate to something else not so inviting- an eye watering massive utility bill.

Across the duration of Winter, you can almost orchestrate the chants of “turn the light off” or “put the heating up” on a day to day basis. However, this could run the risk of racking up an immense utility bill. In fact, it is reported that the average energy bill for a medium sized household racks up to be an immense £1,066 annually. With gas and electric prices rising continuously, prices are proving to become an increasing matter, and with what is proving to be a cold winter, this is a continuous worry for many.

With Tuesday 10th January being National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, we have investigated into methods that will help you kick 2017 off to a positive start concerning your pounds. In a survey conducted by, a whopping 70% of people immediately adjust the temperature when feeling cold in the home, however with our tips, you may be able to know hundreds off your energy bill yearly.

1.    Use the Thermostat sparingly

USwitch reported that you can save £60 a year by simply turning down the Thermostat by 1 degree. Overtime that could save hundreds of pounds, so we recommend to take some time understanding exactly how they work. Utilise the use of setting timers, and try turning it down a peg, you will most likely realise that having them on full blast is not so necessary.

2.    Layer Up

This may seem simple, but in a survey conducted by our team at, it was discovered that only 15% of people put on warmer clothes when feeling cold at home. It is recommended that you put on some cosy clothing before switching the heating on full blast.

3.    Ensure all the windows are shut

It may seem simple, however in our survey, it was found that the same amount of people (15%) were guilty of not checking if the windows are all closed. Although it is important to ensure there is fresh air coming into your home, just keeping one window open can allow a lot of cold air to travel into the home.

4.    Insulate your home

Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation is the most efficient and cost effective way to keep your home warm, acting as layers for your home, preventing heat escaping. This will keep you warm and overall, insulating your wall and loft, will reportedly save over £300 annually according to the Energy Saving Trust. If you do not already have your home insulated, you may be eligible to get it done for free through the Energy Compliance Obligation scheme. There are certain guidelines as to if you are able to get this.

5.    Switch your electronic devices off standby

In our survey based on people’s attitudes to energy saving, over 70% admitted they were often guilty of keeping their electronics on standby. It has been found the devices that are most frequently TV’s, computer’s and phone chargers. Yes, even phone chargers can be left on standby. To gain full charge, mobile devices would not usually need more than 2 hours. However, most of us are guilty of leaving our phones on charge all night, using up a lot more electricity than needed.

6.    Install a Heat Pump, Saving money through the governments Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), was set up by the Government in 2014, in hopes that more people would utilise renewable heat devices, through financial gains from it. The government set it up, hoping it will help achieve the aim to gain 12% of heating from renewable energy by 2020. Find out more information about it at Energy Saving Trust.

Feature Image Credit: Shutterstock/African Studio

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