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Making the Most of your Box Room

Nowadays, properties with a higher number of advertised bedroom tend to fetch a much higher value; hence most homes today come complete with one small box bedroom.

However, these rooms usually are little to no use to a family as a bedroom; often they become a completely wasted space or an unorganised storage area where things that no one ever uses are dumped – usually never to be seen again.

It is possible though to avoid this inevitable trap and actually use your extra box bedroom for something useful! Here are some tips and tricks to turn the small space into an excellent, useful addition to your family home:


Home Office


Image credit: Shutterstock

With more and more people working remotely due to high travel costs, long commutes or simply out of pure preference, turning a box room into a small office is a great way to ensure you won’t get distracted during a working day; it is bound to make you more productive and also help you to keep your work and home life separate.

Computers and the internet, video calling and internet banking means that work tasks can easily be carried out from a home office – so simply kit out your room with a computer, credit card reader, phone and webcam and you’ll have your very own home office.

A simple, compact desk and chair, a set of drawers and a light are pretty much all the fixtures and fittings your room will need, so you won’t be short of space.


Guest Bedroom


Image credit: Shutterstock

You’ll almost certainly have chosen the largest bedrooms in the house for permanent residents, so naturally the smallest room will be left over to make a great guest bedroom!

Due to the fact that this bedroom won’t be used for much more than sleeping – and generally for short periods of time – the fact that it’s on the smaller side won’t be much of a problem. Furthermore, guests will tend to only bring small overnight bags and won’t be needing a lot of storage space for tons of belongings.

Having said that, you want your guests to be comfortable so making the most of the limited space is a must; use a bed that folds away or a storage bed so that guests can store their belongings underneath and hence will have more personal space not taken up by their personal artefacts.

A further plus of a storage bed is that when guests aren’t staying you’ll be able to utilise the space to store things like CD’s and DVD’s or spare clothes.

As far as decoration is concerned, minimalistic white furniture and a couple of mirrors to make the room appear bigger and brighter.


Walk-In Wardrobe


Image credit: Shutterstock

Every woman’s dream, a walking wardrobe will make a welcome addition to any home. Not only will it add a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamour, it will also open up storage space in your bedroom that would have otherwise been used for a regular wardrobe.

Moreover, a Walk-In wardrobe will make your life a whole lot easier – providing ease of access to all your clothing and shoes; you’ll never spend hours searching through a crowded wardrobe for a particular item again!

You can carefully store each and every item of clothing and even put them into categories so that getting dressed will always be a pleasure!


Child’s Bedroom


Image credit: Shutterstock

Although having an extra room to make use of is always a great plus, it’s a luxury some larger families might not have; sometimes it will be necessary to use the box room as an actual bedroom for the smallest child.

In order to make the best use of the space in this case, you’ll need to be particularly clever with storage. Buy a bed with drawers inbuilt if possible; this way you can store clothes and belongings without taking any extra space out of the room and may be able to get away with forgoing a wardrobe all together.

If you need a desk, then you can get ones that fold out of the wall and can be folder back in again when you’re not using them.

Finally, hanging storage units are another great idea and space saver; not only will they solve storage problems but will also serve as a quirky addition to brighten up any room.


These are just a few of our ideas – but as you can see there are lots of ways to get creative and make your box room the best room!



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