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Location is everything when buying!

Location is everything when buying a new house. Recent research conducted by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks reaffirms the famous phrase: “location, location, location”.

The housing market has been an up and down rollercoaster for the past few years and hit by an economic downturn, buyers are still considering location over affordability when it comes to packing up and moving elsewhere.

According to the annual Homebuyers Research, the importance of living in the right area stands true with 59% of homeowners in the UK. At 64%, Scots seem to consider location as one of the most important factors for buying a home.

The table below breaks down the regional % when considering location as a key influence when buying a house:

Region % for whom location is a key factor
Scotland 64%
East 63%
London 61%
South West 61%
UK average 59%
Yorkshire 59%
South East 58%
Midlands 57%
North East 56%
North West 54%
Wales 50%

On the other hand, Wales sits at 50% when choosing location as a house buying factor. For those surveyed in Wales, 33% agreed with affordability as a key choice when buying a house. This stood in stark contrast to 17% of Scots, 16% of Londoners and 15% in South West.

Ben from Sell House Fast says: “We buy any house – wherever the area, whatever the condition – however evidently for most buyers location can make or break their decision to make an offer on a property”.

Location is everything when buying! If you are currently looking for a quick house sale and buying a new property, consider what is most important to you – location or affordability?

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