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How to Sell My House Quickly for a Good Price

how to sell my house quickly for a good price

Are you recently divorced and looking to move out? Maybe you’re at the cusp of repossession because you can’t afford to pay your mortgage? Or do you just want to move away? Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain: you are wondering how to sell your house quickly for a good price.

According to, it takes on average 2-3 months to sell a house, depending on criteria like location. However, often the definitive cause for delays is when you encounter problems you weren’t expecting along the way. These issues make life stressful and difficult and often increase the amount of money lost along the way. This article explores the most common problems people face when selling their house and how to solve them to sell yours quicker and for a better price.

Avoid chains

avoid chains to sell your house faster for a good price.(Copyright 3DDock/​

Imagine this. You’ve paid the Estate Agent fees, listed your house and accepted an offer, confirmed your mortgage arrangements and been accepted to buy a house. Now it’s just the final… oh no, Mr Watkins who wanted to buy your house has now found a cheaper alternative. Everything falls through.

Sound familiar? According to Which, 3 in 10 people (28%) experience a property chain falling through. To accelerate the selling of your house and for a good price, or to avoid chains altogether, here are some tips:

  • Choose a buyer who isn’t in a chain, e.g. first-time buyers.
  • Make some calls – while your Estate Agent usually does the in-between work, it may be worth asking if you can help speed up the process by reaching out to people in the chain yourself. You might even be able to renegotiate a better price, too. Also ensure that you’re quick to answer questions and sign documents too.
  • Search for new-build houses to move into – this means you have one less person to wait for.
  • Choose a reputable online house buying company like Sell House Fast – we avoid chains and cut time by buying directly from you and offering a fast, reliable price!

Speed things up with your estate agent/solicitor

speed things up with your estate agent to sell your house quickly for a good price.(Copyright Speed Kingz/

When selling your house, there are several procedures that need to be carried out. Estate agents need to value the property, the property has to be listed online, you may have to solve mortgage issues/changes, and lots of paperwork needs signing.

Though important in the world of high street estate agents, these steps in securing a successful sale can slow your roll tremendously. And time is something people who are trying to sell quickly and for a good price do not have. Fortunately, there are ways to accelerate things:

  • Do your research – work out how much you think your property would be worth, to save back-and-forth negotiations with your estate agent and potential buyers. You can do this by checking prices of houses in your area with similar specifications, or use house price checkers such as Prime Location or HM Land Registry.
  • Liaise with a we buy any house company that can offer you a good price and quickly, cutting out time-consuming middle-men – companies like Sell House Fast send an internal solicitor to your home to value it within days, and provide a fast cash offer shortly afterwards. The time saved by securing a sale this quickly could stop your home from being repossessed, or enable you to make the bid on that dream home before it ends. Just be sure to double check the legitimacy of the company before you go ahead!

Watch out for hidden fees

watch out for hidden fees to sell your house quickly for a good price.

(Copyright pathdoc/

One of the main things sellers overlook is hidden fees within the process of selling through a high street estate agent. Ways to beat the surprise costs include:

  • Get to know what you could be charged – Government and official websites can inform you on standard fees charged, but you should also dig deeper within forums that could give you insider knowledge on things people have been caught out by.
  • Plan ahead, just in case – it’s worth making sure you have more than enough to account for any possible hidden or extra fees you are required to pay.
  • Go with companies that don’t rip you off! If you choose a quick house sale company, make sure they cover any solicitor, legal and contractual fees so that you’re not surprised at the end, and so you can sell quickly and for a good price.

Stay up-to-date with mortgage payments

stay up to date with mortgage payments to sell your house quickly for a good price.

(Copyright Africa Studio/

Did you recently lose your job? Are you worried you’re not going to be able to afford your mortgage bills? Or have you been tricked with extra fees on your mortgage following lifestyle changes/trying to move house?

Mortgages are a tricky business. If you want to move or sell your house fast, you’ll have to be sure that your payments are up-to-date. You’ll also have to check if you can port your mortgage if it hasn’t yet been paid off. Whilst most people don’t have problems, some run into difficulties where they can’t pay theirs. If this occurs, you’ll be in arrears and your landlord/lender could start a repossession claim against you. Ways to avoid repercussions from surprise circumstances include:

  • Talk to your landlord/lender ASAP – Communicating your issues with your lender may allow you to come to an alternative arrangement to make your payments: the first step to getting back on track is letting someone know you’re struggling.
  • Sell your house quickly and for a good price with a trusted cash home buyer – if you’re running out of time, this may be the best option for you. Sell House Fast offer a good price and promptly, we will help you reverse any repossession proceedings and we will even liaise with your lender for you.

Time it right

time it right to sell your house quickly for a good price.

(Copyright r.nagy/

By far, Spring is the best time to sell your house. Research even suggests there is an optimum day in the week for selling, and so to avoid lengthy ventures, then, it would be best to sell on a Friday in the Spring.

However, it’s a bit difficult to capitalise on this information when it’s September and your house is about to be repossessed – optimised selling times will go out of the window. Selling in the winter increases the time taken for a successful transaction significantly, because nobody wants to go and view your house. Listing online for a long period of time can also be detrimental to your house’s ability to sell, too, as people will begin to question why it has not yet been purchased.

The solution? Consult with a fast house buying company where these criteria aren’t considered. Sell House Fast will buy your house quickly and for an impressive price, regardless of the time of year, day or location. As long as the house is in positive equity, we want to buy it! Contact us today on 0800 078 9623 to sell your house quickly for a good price.

(Feature image: Copyright marcin jucha/

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