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Home Décor Styling Guide

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a house that is a bit of a blank canvas, or you’ve decided that the current décor is so outdated that it is time to strip it all out and to start over again. Either way, looking for ideas on how to style your house can be fun, if a little time consuming. So, to get you started, we have created a home décor styling guide that details the key features of each individual trend.


Rustic décor features a lot of wood and other natural materials. Think autumnal, with pine cones, traditional picnic-style blankets, candles and forest flowers. Rustic décor is rarely cluttered, so keep accessories to a minimum. In a children’s nursery, woodland animals such as, owls, foxes and bears can all make for cute motifs and can create beautiful designs.

Shabby Chic

Bunting, flowers, hearts and birds are all common motifs in shabby chic décor. In terms of household accessories; white bird cages, ornate and pretty cupcake stands, lace and an abundance of scatter cushions are regularly featured. Furniture often has that faded paint-come-weathered look, and the house in general has that ‘home-sweet-home’ feel. Shabby chic décor is usually readily available due to its popular nature. However, homeowners should be careful not to go overboard in terms of the ‘sweet’ nature of this design, as it can quite quickly become twee and tacky.


Contemporary décor is often clean, bold and simple. Texture contrasts are a key feature along with varying shapes. Neutral colours are the main palate for most rooms; this is then livened up with bold accessories that offer a splash of bright colour. Some retro items may feature alongside modern décor. Simplicity is another key theme, and clutter is a definite no-no.

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Ornamental items such as old typewriters, bowler hats, weathered letters and umbrella stands all aid in creating a traditional feel about the house. Classic books, period furniture and minimalist teapots also work well as features. In terms of flowers, opt for gentler options such as white orchids. Victorian properties with their high ceilings and large fireplaces lend themselves to this style.


Minimalist décor tends to be sparse, clean and simple. White and off-white colours are used for most rooms, and plants are often incorporated into the room’s design to add a touch of colour. Accessories should be kept to a minimum and natural light should be optimised.


Cottage décor tends to be charming, cosy and warm, whether modern or classic in style. For a classic look, opt for old, traditional bears, cake stands and teapots. Many items that were once considered old, such as lavender tied with string, chunky knit blankets and vintage watering cans are now making a come-back, and can be used for both traditional and modern styled cottages. Modern cottages should be kept light, bright and airy.

With all forms of interior design, it is important not to purchase too many home accessories, as these often materialise over time anyway. Your house can quite easily become cluttered, and it is good to optimise your space. Be disciplined when it comes to choosing a theme, as selecting items that complement each other can add a sense of continuity throughout your room and house.
So, to recap…

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Interior Design Checklist

1. Optimise natural light into the property: Mirrors, lighter coloured walls and furnishings all help to achieve this effect.

2. Pick a theme and stick to it: accessories that complement each other will add a sense of continuity to your house.

3. Stick to your budget: Decorating can be costly. Set a budget and stick to it!

4. Less is more: Don’t give into temptation and buy too much for your house, it’ll end up looking cluttered.

5. Focus on one room at a time: It’s better to get one room right and invest your finances into that area as a project, than it is to quickly decorate all of your rooms, and in so doing, fail to create a space you can be proud of.

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