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How to Burglar Proof your Home

Don’t let your home be an easy target for burglars. Your home is your castle and don’t want anyone invading it and helping themselves to your possessions. A burglary can have a traumatic effect on homeowners. As well as the financial loss it can take an emotional toll. By taking a few simple measures you can burglar proof your home.

Lock up

If you’ve recently moved into a new property one of your first jobs should be to change the locks. The previous owners may have been a sweet elderly couple but you don’t know who had a spare key!

If you want to prevent a burglary, make sure all your windows and doors are secure when leaving your home. It’s easy to forget to lock the patio door, especially in the summer. Garages and sheds are targets too so lock everything away as your tools and ladders could be used to gain entry.

Don’t be tempted to leave a spare key out, especially in obvious places like under the welcome mat.

Light up

Ensure your home looks occupied at all times by using a light switch timer. A timer is particularly beneficial in the winter when it gets dark early. Install an outside sensor light at the front and rear of your property.


Alarms are a powerful deterrent. There are two main types of alarms, a standard bells-only and a monitored alarm. The best option depends on personal preference, budget and protection needed.

CCTV is becoming an increasingly popular way to deter thieves. Cameras range from a basic kit to a state of the art internet-streaming video camera with night vision.

Going away

Resist the temptation to post your holiday details on Facebook. Social media sites aren’t private and even if you’ve only posted to your friends there’s no guarantee that other people won’t see your updates or hear about your empty house. If you are going to be away for longer than a few days ask a neighbour or friend to collect your mail and put your bins out.


Keep valuables out of sight and reach. If your expensive items are on show, a burglar might not be able to resist. Car thieves have been known to poke bamboo sticks or fishing rods through letterboxes to steal keys, so don’t leave them on the shelf in the hallway.

Buy a property marking kit and mark the valuable contents of your home. Once marked you can register the details on Immobilise is a free database of possession ownership details which is used by the police to return recovered items to their rightful owners. As jewellery cannot be marked, take photographs so you have visual images in case of theft.

Follow the advice above and don’t let your home be an easy target for burglars.

Feature image credit: Macrovector/Shutterstock 

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