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Decking out your home for Christmas


That time of year has come back around, as we reach the first of December, many Brits will be thinking about decking out their homes for Christmas! According to YouGov, the average spend this Christmas per household is set to be around £780.28! The statistics show that Brits will be spending less on gifts and food this year, but more on home decorations, cards and their Christmas trees, with the average spend at £44.50. 

We've looked at the nations Christmas decorations habits, and what you may be considering this year when decking out your home for Christmas.

Christmas trees: real of fake?

Photo credit: Anteromite/ Shutterstock

Buying a real or fake tree is something many individuals and families will debate over. A fake tree is far more cost effective; you buy one and it lasts years. However, does a fake tree have the same charm as a real one? Part of the fun of having a tree is that lovely Christmas tree smell and the fact that no fake tree will ever look as great as the real thing.

However, fake trees are becoming increasingly popular, and, are starting to look more and more realistic every year. An added bonus is you know you won’t get the dreaded pins dotted all over the carpet. Furthermore, the environmentalists among us may feel it more green to purchase a plastic tree.

Moreover, some people dismiss the idea of a traditional tree, in favour for something more contemporary. There are many minimalistic, and alternative coloured trees becoming popular, including trees that aren’t just green; but black, white, silver, or even, red! Many of these trees also can be lit up, so don’t require extra lighting.


Photo credit: Dmytro Gilitukha/ Shutterstock

Tinsel: Sparkly fun or a tacky mess?


Once deemed tacky and passé, tinsel has made its way back firmly into homes as decorations, after seeing very low sales throughout the 1990’s. It’s cheap, sparkly and can brighten up a room and make them seem instantly more Christmassy. 
However, plastering tinsel over your tree can ruin it. With Christmas trees, less is often more. So keep the tinsel for draping over picture frames, or hung over your computer screens at work. 

Outdoor Christmas lights: to be or not to be avoided?


Whether you love or hate Christmas lights, we can’t deny that we love to wander around neighbourhood looking for the most dolled up house. It certainly does catches people’s attention, and makes a nice change from the rest of the year. Some houses that go all out have even started taking donations for charity, a nice sentiment to match the Christmas message of giving to others. 

We had a chat with Dan from Welwyn Garden City, who has spent hundreds decorating his family home, but raises hundreds for charity every year.

“We’ve been decorating our house for the past 6 years. The lights attract a lot of attention; people even knock to tell us how lovely they look. After this, we decided to start collecting for charity. We will continue to decorate the house every year, and people are always asking when the big switch on is. I think they would be very disappointed if we stopped the tradition! ”  

Christmas cards: what to do with them all?!


Photo credit: James Petts/ Wikimedia Commons

Instead of placing your cards on any empty surface you can find, it’s nice to hang your cards. The most popular places to hang cards are along your wall, but some hang cards down their doors and window frames, by attaching them to string.
Recent research has found less and less Christmas cards are being sent each year, due to the younger generation preferring social media e-cards to more traditional paper and card. In 10 years’ time, we may see Christmas cards completely disappear from the shops. This is sad and would be a real shame, as receiving Christmas cards from old friends seems part of the joy and excitement of Christmas. 

Advent calendars: traditional or alternative?


No Room at the Inn Advent Calendar (Countdown to Christmas), Currently priced at £4.79 Stockist details: Prices are correct at time of going to print and apply to purchases from For latest prices, please visit Nowadays, advent calendars come with all sorts inside, from lego, craft beer, beard oil to coffee, there really is something for everyone. 
But some of you may dismiss these rather materialistic calendars, preferring the traditional calendars, with images telling the true Christmas story. Traditional calendars are nice because you don’t know what picture you will get each day, rather than the more predictable chocolate. It’s also nice for children to see that Christmas isn’t about just receiving gifts. 

Star vs angel on the top of the tree?


Photo credit: ValEs1989/ Shutterstock The most common ‘tree toppers’ are stars or angels. However, in recent years, the star has taken over the angel as the most common, with 87% preferring it. This is a contrast to the past when the angel took top position. In 2012, Debenhams pledged to bring back the angel to claim its prime location in the tree. 
Less common tree toppers include paper rosettes, ribbons, Father Christmases’, crosses, and even owls. 
Who knows, maybe we’ll see a preference for the angel return one day. 

What’s your choice? The traditional angel or the nations favourite star?

Feature image credit: Kichigin/ Shutterstock

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