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6 things to consider when preparing your property for a viewing

Having put your property on the market for sale or rental for some time and not gaining a sufficient amount of interest, you are naturally in a state of carefully contemplating why this may be the case. Whilst you may attribute it to the size of the rooms, quality of furnishing or accessibility to local amenities (transport, supermarkets, restaurants, green space etc) – have you considered how you are presenting your property for viewings? If not, it may be time to do so. has complied a comprehensive list of how you can best prepare for property viewings:

Clean Living 

Go into every room and remove all unnecessary clutter which may be contributing to a ‘messy’ outlook or be an eyesore. The best way to do this is either have a basket or black bag where you can put bits and pieces in that don’t belong in a certain room (e.g. clothes, shoes, food, cutlery, stationary, books etc). Once that is done, wipe down all furniture/fixtures/surfaces and then hoover as well mop all floors. Doing this will make each room more presentable and allow potential buyers/renters to truly envision themselves living there. 

Welcoming Aroma 

An hour or so before a viewing, open a window in each room to let some fresh air in. This will also get rid of any distracting smells. For instance, in the kitchen, getting rid of the unpleasant smells caused from cooking meat/fish etc. or even the dustbin. Similarly, consider getting some candles and diffusers. They will not only create a welcoming fragrance in each room but also brighten things up.  

Photo credit: Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock 

Adequate Lighting 

There is nothing worse than a dull and dark, unsettling environment through a lack of lighting. To combat this, consider putting a table or floor lamp (ideally with LED bulbs) in each room which is bright enough to highlight the main features of the room. Additionally, lamps also create a cosy glow and aesthetic for certain rooms such as the kitchen as well as living room. 

Small Details 

If certain walls in the house are heavily dented/marked/cracked, then think about re-painting them before putting your house up for sale. Moreover, if any door handles or locks in the house are not working/semi-broken, then replace them with new secure ones. If there are noticeable holes in the walls then fill them up, and if your skirting boards look worn out, varnish them. Curtains are not a big deal, but if yours are visibly in a bad state (ripped, holes, discoloured), then do replace them with new ones – you don’t have to break the bank with this though.

Garden Welfare

If your property has a garden then evaluate how it looks to someone who doesn't live there. If the grass is overgrown, then mow it to a really short length. If your paving is filled with dirt and has weeds sticking out of it, use a pressure washer to thoroughly remove them. If a pressure washer does not work, then consider using and applying a reputable weedkiller. Any plants which have overgrown, trim them down. Lastly, wipe/wash down the garden furniture until it’s spotless. The garden is a valuable asset for viewers as it shows them how they can utilise this outdoor space and if they have kids, another potential playing area for them which is safe and hospitable. 

Little Things 

Before a scheduled viewing, if the weather is cold, then ensure you turn on the heating beforehand. In the bathroom and kitchen, make sure to leave out a clean set of towels. Furthermore, spray each room with a nice air freshener. In the bedrooms, make sure the beds are done and empty bins. A minor but significant touch for potential house viewers, is to leave out snacks/refreshments (biscuits, crisps, soft drinks, tea, coffee etc) to enjoy should they wish to. All these things may seem unnecessary but following them shows possible buyers/renters the property has been in caring hands. 

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock 

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