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10 Packing Tips for Moving House

Selling your old house and moving into a new one? It’s a stressful process, without a doubt, and packing your house to move is not one of the most enjoyable parts. If anything, it’s the most daunting and time-consuming part of moving to a new house. However, SellHouseFast have devised a list of packing tips for moving house to make the process a seamless one.


Here is a list of necessities you will need for the best way to pack for moving house:



  • Small boxes for smaller belongings (such as jewellery)
  • Medium boxes (for things such as bathroom appliances)
  • Large boxes – for bigger items such as kitchen appliances (toasters, microwaves etc)
  • Wardrobe boxes (if you can’t pack some of your clothes flat)

(Copyright: Ivan_Nikulin/


  • Sellotape for sealing the boxes
  • Bubble wrap/old newspapers (to wrap around the more fragile items)
  • A permanent marker or labels to categorise your boxes
  • Ikea bags – if you’re running low on boxes – they’re a lifesaver for less fragile items


The Process: How to Pack for Moving House:


1.Pick the right removal company for your needs

The first thing you should know, when packing your house to move, is which removal company you will be using. It’s vital to explore your options and pick the company which has a vehicle that is right to fit all your items from your house and complements your budget. GetAMover can help you get many quotes for removal companies which are based around your location.

2.Don’t leave packing until the last minute

You need time to gather all your belongings. Take your time when packing and start early. It’s recommended to start packing a month before your moving date, but this obviously depends on the size of your house and how much time you dedicate each day for packing your house to move.

(Copyright: Black Jack/

3.Pack the room which you use the least and the room which is hardest to pack

Packing up rooms that you need leading up to the day you move is not the best way to pack for moving house. Be sure to start with the room which is not in use, such as a guest bedroom, if you have one. Or, you can begin packing the room which consists of the most items, this could be the basement with all the tools, garden items and Christmas decorations which you won’t be using while in the process of packing your house to move.

4.Use the right boxes

Be sure to utilise the correct boxes for each item in order to follow the best way to pack for moving house. There’s no point in just chucking all items in one box without any sort of order. Assure that the smaller items from one room go into the same box and aren’t together with the larger items (e.g. the TV – a large item – with a necklace which is a much smaller item in comparison).

5.Pack room by room

Finish packing one room before moving onto another one. This avoids confusion and chaos in the long-run as you won’t know how far along you are in the packing process if you jump from packing one room to another without finishing the first.

(Copyright: kurhan/

6.Get rid of empty spaces in boxes

Another one of the top tips for moving house is, when you have finished filling up each box with your belongings, be sure to fill empty gaps in the boxes with old newspapers or bubble wrap to prevent the items from moving around too much within the boxes when your belongings are being transported from your old house to your new one. This step will make sure that your items don’t get damaged.

7.Labelling is key

Label all the boxes after you have packed-up each room, so you know which of your possessions are in each box. It could also be a good idea, when packing your house to move, to write which room the belongings in the box are from, so you can easily unpack those items in the same type of room in your new house.

(Copyright: sirtravelalot/

8.Get rid of belongings you don’t need

Moving house is the perfect time to remove unwanted clutter and furniture from the rooms of your house. There’s no point wasting space in your removal vehicle for items you no longer care for and you may not have room for in your new property. So another one of the key packing tips for moving house is to sell old furniture on sites such as Ebay and Shpock or have a garage sale. Alternatively, you can donate smaller items to charity or send them off to be recycled e.g. old electronics – this will be an be eco-friendly thing to do when packing your house to move. And – at all costs – avoid fly-tipping your old, unwanted items.

(Copyright: Arttabula/

9.Easy access essentials

This is one of the top tips for moving house. When you’re almost at the end of the packing process is to have boxes designated solely for the essentials which you will need as soon as you enter your new home. Items such as: snacks, baby food, pet food, toiletries, utensils and other necessities which you know you will need straight away once you move into your house.

10.Don’t leave anything behind

The last thing people, who are moving into your house, want to see are your unwanted items. Make sure to clear out every square meter of your house – it’s common courtesy. When moving into your new house, you wouldn’t want the previous home owners’ old things when you’re trying to start the new chapter in your new house, so keep that same mindset when packing your house to move.


These are the top packing tips for moving house. Following these 10 steps will guarantee you a less stressful and, maybe even, enjoyable packing process. One of the top tips for moving house is to follow-through and stay organised. If you’re packing without any sort of system, you will find it very difficult to pack all your items successfully. If you still haven’t sold your old house when moving to a new one, why not sell your house fast with us?

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